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Tree Removal

One of the services we offer is tree removal.   Quite honestly, we love trees and would prefer to be able to save it, but if the tree is diseased, rotted or simply needs to come down to make way for improvements, then that’s what we’ll do.    If you feel the tree needs to come down, not a problem, we will take care of your needs.

Removing a tree is very dangerous and should only be done by a professional, so please call us or someone who has the experience to remove the tree safely.   You also will want to make sure the person you hire has liability insurance, because if they don’t, that means they are careless and so many things can go wrong.

Our professionals use specialized equipment to safely remove the trees from your home or business.    That specialized equipment combined with our experience creates a safe work environment for everyone involved.

When your tree or trees are no longer a viable option for you or your business, give us a call at 765-810-0710 and we’ll provide you with a FREE ESTIMATE.