Easter in Anderson

Easter Sunday, the day we celebrate the resurrection of Christ. It is a day where family and friends get

together and eat ham and deviled eggs. A day to eat candy. It is a holy day but also a “commercial day.

By that I mean we also celebrate the Easter bunny. It is almost like Christmas. Children wake up early to

see what the Easter bunny left them in their Baskets. The baskets are filled with brightly colored eggs

and enough candy to send them into sugar shock. After seeing what is in the basket families dress up

and go to church. After church they get together with family and friends and eat dinner. The rest of the

day is filled with children playing and adults talking and telling stories. The weather today has been

perfect for playing outside. The sky is bright blue with White puffy clouds. The sun is shining so bright it

is blinding. The breeze is warm and inviting. The sound of the breeze through the trees is calming. The

sound of children laughing and playing fills the air. It is a reminder of how wonderful life can be. Today

Mother Nature is in a good mood and has made everything beautiful.

Anderson Indiana Is the county seat of Madison county. It is in Northern Indiana. Anderson is the

headquarters of the church of God and Anderson University. This University was originally known as the

Anderson bible college and is still a Christian college. The city is named for its founder Chief William

“Adam” Anderson. His Mother was Indian. Anderson is also known as the home of the historical

Gruenwald home. This building was constructed in the 1800’s and to this day is furnished with the

furniture and equipment of that time period. It is truly a step back in time and gives a glimpse into what

life was like back then. The other well-known Historical site in Anderson is the Paramount theatre.

Known as the Paramount theatre and ball room it is an actual movie theatre that was opened in 1929

and was owned by Paramount Pictures. The theatre was designed by the architect John Eberson who

has designed many other famous movie theatres. Anderson also has many parks as well. The most

known park is Mounds state park. The earth works it contains were built by the Adena-Hopewell people.

It is said the grounds were used as a gathering place where religious ceremonies were performed. It

also has a nature center which has a wildlife viewing room. It is a very educational place for all. At shady

side Park every Arbor day the park celebrates by giving away tree seedling and have many other

activities that examine the importance of trees.

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